Why rollerblading in the office is a great idea

UXtra smooth experience for the office party !

Elena Astakhova
UX designer
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Rollerblading has been my thing since sweet 16. These days, I skip the life-threatening stunts and opt for a safer thrill—putting myself in awkward social situations. It's a health-conscious choice that trades adrenaline for endorphins and guarantees a smile from those who witness my perfect blend of awkward grace on wheels!

Here is why I think roller skates are so great:
People remember one or two things about you. It might be the coffee spot on your T-shirt, the fact that you're always fashionably late, or, well, your impeccable rollerblade technique. It's all about choosing your own memorable path.
It breaks the ice: sporting shiny sneakers with wheels makes it impossible for anyone to take things too seriously.
Rollerblades allow you to move quickly from one person to another or to various networking spots, like the coffee machine. This agility can help you maximize your networking opportunities by engaging with more people in less time.

Practical guide
Enter the building like a pro
Maintain an air of calm confidence as you glide past the security post. The key is to exude nonchalance; don't break a sweat or make unnecessary eye contact. Just act like rolling into the office on wheels is the most natural thing in the world. Bonus points if you can pull off a smooth spin move while swiping your access card.

Polish your slides
Prepare your presentation meticulously; you only get one shot to dazzle your colleagues. Practice your delivery and make sure your key points are as smooth as a well-executed spin. Remember, in the world of presentations, there are no second chances.
Embrace the awkwardness together
Always involve others in any embarrassing activities—you don't want to be the lone strange ranger in the office circus. After all, why be the only person doing the cha-cha in the elevator when you can turn it into a company-wide dance-off?

Pick your favorite dad joke

Why did the UX designer start rollerblading in the office?
Because they wanted to create a smoother user experience!

Why did the UX designer wear rollerblades to work every day?
Because they wanted to glide through user interfaces at the speed of light!

Why did the project manager challenge everyone to a rollerblade race?
They wanted to see who could "sprint" through the project timeline on wheels!

What's a UX designer's favorite type of rollerblade?
The one with the best user experience, of course – the UXtra smooth edition on wheels!