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Elena Astakhova
UX designer
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Qurious, a division within the Spark business group, specialises in developing advanced data platforms and AI automation solutions for analytics. Our data platforms seamlessly ingest data from diverse sources, ensuring thorough processing, cleansing, and transformation to maintain high data quality. The culmination of this process is the creation of intuitive dashboards that serve as vital tools for analytics, reporting, and decision-making within the organisation.

A well-designed dashboard has a profound impact on our organisation by providing a clear and comprehensive view of our business performance. This empowers our leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive strategic initiatives and enhance overall operational efficiency.

The organisation faced challenges with inconsistent dashboard designs created by developers using Power BI. As the sole User Experience designer, my role was pivotal in enhancing business value by streamlining this process.
Developers lacked design standards, leading to inconsistent dashboards and prolonged feedback loops with customers.
The goal was to automate and standardise the dashboard design process to improve efficiency and deliver more consistent, user-friendly dashboards.
I introduced comprehensive design guidelines and educational sessions on visual principles like spacing, colour meaning, and visual hierarchy. As my expertise grew, I delved into information layers, decision-making processes, and data extraction.
Using my design expertise, I developed reusable templates and automation tools to expedite the dashboard creation process.
Post-implementation, developers now work 30% faster and deliver more consistent, user-friendly dashboards, significantly improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
Overcoming challenges included educating the team on design principles and integrating automation tools seamlessly into existing workflows.
The automation of dashboard design processes elevated design maturity and effectiveness at Qurious, showcasing the tangible impact of automation on business outcomes.
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